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Question: Hi mam my lmp was on 20 jan , i missed my periods for 10 days .. but i got brown discharge in 9th day night and 10 th day morning , wat does it mean ? I hv regular periods only .

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Answer: Hello! It can be due to implantation bleeding. Please go for pregnancy test at home.. Then consult a good doctor and also tell about the brown discharge to the doctor. Take care
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    Megha Mag606 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: my lmp was on 30th is my 9th day..form morning i am having whitish discharge..wat can be the reason?
Answer: Hello! Whitish discharge is common and should not be of concern unless there is itchiness, bad odour or change in color. If any of the above mentioned is there it could be a sign of infection. Otherwise nothing to worry about. Take care
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Question: Hi , my lmp was on 8th march nd my periods are regular .today i got spotting of reddish discharge , only a pinch of reddish discharge . What does it mean
Answer: Hi....the spotting u see before the next due date may be the left over blood from the previous months period...The remains that sticks inside may come out now.. If u are planning for pregnancy...u will have to wait till april 8th and if you dont get your periods then u can do the pregnancy test and confirm it
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Question: My LMP was on 10th Jan. On 30th Jan I had very minimal discharge , brown in color for 4days. I have missed my periods and Today early morning I took urine test , it's negative. What's the situation,plz advise
Answer: hi that light bleeding that you got on 30 th of January could be your period bleeding sometimes when you are planning to conceive it create the hormonal imbalances in the body which leads to irregular periods .
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