3 years old baby

Question: Hi mam my daughter has more stomach worm by through motion I saw what can I do for this

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Answer: Please get the baby dewormed immediately.. This is very important.. Also make sure that the baby does not have much of sweets... Make the baby drink garlic milk.. That helps.. But deworming is very important dear.. Take care
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Question: more itching have be in my stomach What can I do for this
Answer: Hi dear, itching is really irritating but do your best not to scratch because it can irritate your skin further and increase the risk of skin infections. If you're itching because of dry, stretched skin, these simple measures can give you relief: Apply cold. Put an ice pack or a cool, wet compress on itchy areas for five to 10 minutes, or until the itch fades. Moisturize. Slather on fragrance-free lotion or cream after you take a shower or bath. Keep lotion in the fridge so that moisturizing your skin also feels cooling. Take an occasional warm oatmeal bath. You can buy commercially prepared oatmeal baths in drugstores. Aloe Vera Gel For Itching During Pregnancy Aloe vera gel can be applied up to twice a day for relief from itching. Baking Soda Bath For Itching During Pregnancy Baking soda can give you relief from the pain, redness, and irritation that you are experiencing. Your skin will feel soothed, and your discomfort will be alleviated as the paste works its magic on your skin. This paste can also help to treat dryness and the accompanied itching sensation by restoring the pH balance of the skin
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Question: My 7 month old daughter has constipation problem..what can i do to for this
Answer: Hi dear, I know it must be tough to see baby having even a slightest discomfort, but don't worry as per my experience there are many things you can do to help relieve baby’s constipation. You can change baby’s feeding pattern and/or engage in some physical exercises.gently massage and rub baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction. Place your hands at baby’s navel and massage in a circular motion, moving your hand(s) out and away from the center of baby’s belly.Place your baby on her back and lightly hold her legs in a half-bent position. Gently begin to move your baby’s legs as if she is riding a bicycle. Alternate “Bicycle Legs” with Tummy Massage. Bicycle Legs also may help to relieve a baby who is gassy.Some medical professionals suggest giving your constipated baby a warm bath. The thought is that this may help relax baby and “get things moving” again. Give a tummy massage as you are drying baby.
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Question: My baby has loose motion for last one week..... What can I do for this
Answer: you should keep him hydrated all the time . since your baby is just 3 month old so don't give water or solid foods. keep him breastfeeding as much as possible. this is normal dear. don't panic! may be he is teething. It will get fine within 3 to 4 days. if it doesn't get fine then consult doctor as soon as possible. he might suggest some medication. maintain hygeien. don't let him put his fingers in the mouth.
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