7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam my 2nd month is running pregnancy..my blood report is saying that I have thyroid ? How to treat it ?

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Answer: It happens to some womans...it will b normal after your delivery...your ped may give you proper priscription
Answer: You have to take medicens regularly
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Question: Now 2nd month is running..can i have orange n musumbi..because some are saying not to have now
Answer: Hi dear, It is a myth that eating fruits could get you cold etc.but it is the other way round.eating citrus fruits would build your immunity and help you fight viral infections which are common during pregnancy.please have variety of fruits in your pregnancy period.it will not only give you healthy pregnancy,but also help your baby grow well.
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Question: Hi..In my blood report i have got to know that is thyroid problem is it any effect for my baby...pls suggest
Answer: Just consult your doctor and take necessary medications. It depends on the severity of the result
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Question: Hi mam my 2nd month is running .. I have blood checkup and thyroid is formed.. Is it normal ?
Answer: Hello, due to hormonal changes few pregnant ladies get thyroid during pregnancy and it's completely normal your doctor may prescribe some thyroid medication for the same. Hope this helps.
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