8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam my 2nd month is running .. I have blood checkup and thyroid is formed.. Is it normal ?

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Answer: Hello, due to hormonal changes few pregnant ladies get thyroid during pregnancy and it's completely normal your doctor may prescribe some thyroid medication for the same. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi mam,i have thyroid..it is harmfull for baby?
Answer: Consult your doctor and take tablet regularly.I too had thyroid when i am pregnant.
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Question: I am in 13th week..In Thyroid Checkup my TSH is 3.7...Is it normal ??
Answer: TSH levels should be less than 2.5 during first trimester. It is slightly on the higher side so consult your doctor and get treated to avoid complications in pregnancy. Since you are in early pregnancy it will be manageable and nothing to worry.
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Question: I have bleeding and blood clots after done internal checkup by doctor. 9th month is running and worried about bleeding ..
Answer: Hi dear congrats for ur pregnancy... U r already in. Ur final stage of pregnancy.. So plsss consult ur doctor immediately.. And take necessary steps.. Don't worry everything will be fine..
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