32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam im in 8th month of pregnacy .i hav temperature from ystrday night can i take paracetemol .temperature is 100.37.till i go to doctor can i take a pill ? Since i got appointment around 3 pm

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Answer: hi for medications please confirm to the Dr because it is very important for you to take only save medicines during the pregnancy in the doctor is not available then 3:00 p.m. is advisable to increase ask on them on phone and in the meanwhile if the fever is going very high you can give room temperature water but is on the forehead which will also help to bring down the fever also remember you should drink at least 12 glasses of water which will help to flash the infection from the body
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Question: Gud evening mam...my friend has conceived 2 months ago...she is working also..she is getting temperature in between 99 and 100 degrees from last few days..is it normal or a cause of concern??
Answer: Dear if fever s more than 5 days its a symptom of infection so she should consult to dr nd go 4 nessasary test nd take proper treatment acvording to drs prescripation. Try it dear .
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Question: Hi friends I am 27 weeks pregnant yesterday night I got 2 drops of blood from nose is it from over heat body is it normal
Answer: Sometimes during pregnancy nose bleeding is very normal, due to expansion of blood vessles in nose puts pressure and causes ruptures of vessels.sit down and pinch nose for few seconds in Every minute.sit upright position reduce blood pressure in the veins of the nose.use nasal decongestant in the nose if you feel any blockage.take care.
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Question: Hi everyone, 4 month back I got abortion and doctor suggested me not to convince for 3 months. Now again I got positive in the urine test I went to doctor ,doctor suggested me to take folic acid tablets and Iui proluton injection.
Answer: Your concern is not clear, pregnancy is fine, now you have to take care of yourself and take prescribed doses of medicine and injection 💉 on time without any miss. If any other concern you can chat on healofy chat.
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