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Question: Hi mam.. im 19 weeks pregnant daily morning when im doing brush i getting vomit . And my throat also paining today i got small blood when i vomit . This is second time i got blood in vomit. Plz tell me what i have to do. Is it harmfull to the baby

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Answer: hi dear! so vomitting is very common symptom in pregnancy dear. seeing blood is vomit is a common thing to see. sometimes when you are vomiting it can irritate your lining of the esophagus due to the stomach acid that comes out and which can cause the small amount of blood to be seen in the vomit. this can be treated with medicine that will help to heal the tear in the lining. also there are conditions that can cause hematemesis (blood in vomit)even if its a small amount so the safest thing to do is visit your doctor and see if everything is ok dear.
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    Ramya Janani965 days ago

    Tanq mam

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Question: Im 9 week pregnant. Today nit hheavy vomit and blood is coming my throat is heavy pain .wat do mam
Answer: hi dear ! so dear if there is blood in vomit then dear there can be many reasons to it. it can be because of repeated vomiting that your throat is irritated. so dear for this you will have to take Phenergan but only after your doctors consent dear. and also you will have to visit your doctor as a physical examination will be needed dear. dont worry ! take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: I did vomit with blood today morning when I woke up from bed... Is this common during pregnancy... M going to complete 9 weeks tomorrow...
Answer: Hi dear is it only some blood of its vomited only blood? As if it's some small blood in vomiting then it happened with me also and further I got to know it's because of tear in my throat this happened and it won't have any side effects on me or baby..
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Question: Im getting pain in abdomin now in first trimester when i sit for long time ??is is harmfull for baby ??
Answer: Dear it is normal to get lower abdomin pain. It is happening due to expanding uterus. You should not be sitting for long hours hence take a small ealk after every hour to get ur blood flow normal. Hope it helps.
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