7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam am 7 weeks pregnant.. but am bleeding though its not heavy.am much worried .. went to doctor she asked me to wait till sunday . she took scan two days before .. only sac is there ..she said if there is delayed conception it will take some time to develop. For me its like period cramps .am much scared and worried

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Answer: hi dear! so yes your doctor is right if you have ovulated late then there can be a little delay so dont worry about it dear. so we should wait for the scan dear. and dont worry everything will be fine dear. and if you are bleeding you should ask your doctor to give you progesterone tablets dear. take care dear.
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    Swathy Or24 days ago

    Yes mam she has given susten tablets .. am much worried mam .. not able to concentrate on anything .. am getting like periods cramps

Answer: Did they find , yolk sac and fetal Pole? if you experience bleeding pls immediately go to hospital, they will look in scan actually what is happening.. So don't delay
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    Anonymous Mom24 days ago

    They found only sac ..

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Question: Hi.... I am pregnent with 5week but before 3days i had some bleeding so went to doc amd she said for sonography test and told me that there is some internal bleeding and the yolk sac and foetal pole is absent till that date and call after next 10days......i am worried..... Is this risky??
Answer: Till your next appointment please take s complete bed rest which is very very important
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant went for my first scan 2 days before but doctor said only sac is seen no fetal pole or heartbeat of baby is seen.. So asked me to come after 2 weeks for rescan.. But till now I have all symptoms of being pregnant.. I am much worried about it.. Is this a big issue...
Answer: Even thought the heart beat of the baby is generally supposed to be visible by 6-7 weeks it may take up-to 10 -12 weeks so there is nothing to actually be worried about it. You need to worry only if the baby or the heart beat do not appear even by 10 weeks or so which means it is a blighted ovum or a chemical pregnancy where only the sack is present and no baby appears.
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Question: Today dr said no heartbeat its my frst ultrasound n 6week 6days acc to tvs she suggest me to go wid dnc should i go wid or wait..no cramps or bleeding ..plz help too much wrrd
Answer: Repeat ultrasound in 8-9 weeks..wait...dont take tension.
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