13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam, am 13 weeks pregnant now. I done scan today. They said there is a problem in nasal devlopment. Its "unnossiffied nasal bone". They asked me to do NTC scan wit blood test. Whether its is a problem. Pls say

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Answer: Hi dear, Unossified nasal bone is associated with down syndrome,which is a chromosomal birth defect.would.need to confirm on that by getting further tests which your doctor would recommend you.no need to get scared right now.get further tests done to confirm.
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Question: Today i went for NT scan the scanning doctor said babies nasal bone is invisible plz suggest me what i do i am worry is there any complications
Answer: Babies with Down's syndrome have noses with flat bridges, with small nasal bones, or at least too small to see on a scan. But the lack of a visible nose bone isn't a definite indicator that your baby has Down's syndrome. But since there has a risk been defined I would suggest that you go for a marker test.
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Question: Im 17 week pregnant,i done nt scan and dual marker test during my 13 week and the nt scan shows my baby nasal bone is shown.is there any problem with that.
Answer: hi dear! so yes its normal if the nasal bone is seen it usually is seen between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy . so its normal dear nothing to worry ! take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you dear!
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Question: 13 weeks pregnant nd in scanning Nasal bone is not shown is there any problem
Answer: Is there is any prblm doc suggest another blood test for your chromosomal abnormalities
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