4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam My LMP was on feb1.. But the signs of started from the last week onwards... Like. Fatigue n al.. Like my last pregnancy.. Today morning I checked with a pregnancy kit But it shown negative.. I don't kno why Still Iam suffering from fatigue and feeling faint also

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Answer: hi dear! you can check for your serum beta hcg dear. it will show the levels of beta hcg in the blood and if the values are more than 25-50 then it will confirm the pregnancy and if the values are less than 5 means that there is no pregnancy . also if there is no pregnancy you will have to check for your vitamin b 12 and vitamin d3 and also you will have to do a blood report probably to check for your hemoglobin levels. and dont worry accordingly medicine will be given if no pregnancy is there dear. take care. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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    Shameena Zulfe262 days ago

    But I was expecting this month And symptoms started one day very unexpectedly and still going on.... Like my last pregnancy Anyway lemme do a blood test Thank you Dr. For ur answer..

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Question: My last period date was 26april , l have checked in pregnancy kit 2 lines were appear but i still don't feel any vomiting or nousea or any signs ????
Answer: 10th week ku apparam you will feel. Some mommies are lucky avangaluku entha vomiting feel irukathu illatha varaikum happy ah irrukinga athu vara start ayiduchu na apparam tan feel pannu vinga en da vomit varuthu nu antha alavukku irrukum so ippo happy ah irrukinga keep smile feel happy
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Question: My lmp was 25 nov and i tried home pregnancy kit twice but still the 2nd line is faint. Why?
Answer: hi dear! If there's a faint line, there's only a small amount of hCG in your urine. so dont worry get get the beta hcg test done to know the value of beta hcg which needs to be more than 25 to confirm the pregnancy. so dont worry it still means you are pregnant dear! congratulations dear! take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: Hlo...my lmp was on 29 march I didn't got periods till now today checked with test kit it was negative what this means I have few symptom of pregnancy like fatigue, swollen breast etcn still result negative
Answer: u have to wait one week more and then check once again.same thing is happened with me now iam pregnant
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Question: My lmp dec 9..last Friday i checked pregnancy kit..got negative result....still i am not having periods...what to do?
Answer: Hello dear. I would suggest you to repeat the test tomorrow morning with first urine and if it is still negative please consult gynae as too much delay is also not good for your health. Hope it helps.
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