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Question: Hi mam. I took blood test and the report was HCG Beta test - 0.33 mIU/ml (negative). And hemoglobin wat 12.3. Wat I have to do?

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Answer: Don't worry, I understand your concern, but, there is a destined time for everything.. Have faith.. Take up a nutritious diet and proper rest. Do not over think or stress yourself. Avoid, junk, outside, greasy and very spicy food sources..
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Question: My last missed period was January 23rd 2020 and sterday I did a blood test and my beta HCG was 568.92 mIu/ml Is it good ?
Answer: Dear it's a good level of pregnancy and you are 6 week pregnant so many many congratulations...
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Question: Yesterday I took blood test 2nd time and now my hcg level is 0.33 mlu/ml.....not sure if it is positive or negative??
Answer: Hllo dear ur periods r missed nd in 5 weeks hcg level should be 18 – 7,340 mIU/ml. Ur hcg level s 0.33mlu/ml so dear ur hcg level s low .u r not pregnant dear .So dear if consult 2 ur gyno she ll suggest u meducine s for period nd it ll comes nd again try for pregnancy next month . Tryit best of luck .
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Question: Hi mam, I took serum Beta hcg test it's show negative. I am very confused, what I have to do?? But the urine test showed positive result
Answer: If serum beta HCG is negative than you are not pregnant, urine kits may show wrong result. You should consult doctor
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