36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam I'm in 35 week amniotic fluid is 17 so doctor given 2 doses of injections to decrease amniotic fluid after two days onwards I'm suffering from loose motions and I went to hospital and admitted and again they given one more dosage to decrease amniotic fluid on last Monday next they scanned my baby in it I have 13 per amniotic fluid and after one day they scanned again in it I have 9 per of amniotic fluid but my loose motions still continuing plz suggest me good way to recover from loose motions

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Answer: What injection name,
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    Sruthi kata964 days ago

    Betnosol I think

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Question: Hi mam, I am 29 weeks pregnant and since last one week losing amniotic fluid in sleep. I am admitted to hospital and they are continuously monitoring fetal heart beat. My AFI was 2.2 and then now increased to 3.9. What are the chances that I will be able to carry on till 34 weeks ? And how can i increase amniotic fluid level ?
Answer: Hi dear I'd suggest you drink lots of water and keep Ur self Hyderated and take proper rest,eat lots of fruits eat watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit,star fruits, tomatoes, Cucumber,green peppers, radish,baby carrots, spinach and.brocoli and take good rest and avoid spicy food .hope this is helpful
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Question: Iam at 9mnths starting...last week i admitted in hsptl to increase amniotic fluid that time it was 6.. Aftr treatment it is 8-9 now..still i have 3-4 weeks time to delivery.. I have little fear about my amniotic fluid is there any chance again to decrease..what i have to do
Answer: There's nothing you can do to reduce the fluid. It will decrease only with treatment
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Question: My son is 8 months and 20 days. He frequently suffers from loose motions. When he was 6 he was admitted in hospital due diarrhoea infection. Just after one month he again suffered from loose motions for around 11 days. I ensure substantial hygiene and timely feeding. Also take care of his feeding bottle. But now again he is suffering from motions. Some say that this is bcoz of teething. I have tried everything possible to cure this. Can you help me this!!
Answer: Hi dear I think that the infection is reoccurring because infection is not being treated properly I would suggest you to please have a discussion with your period ration because it is important at 8 months of age if the baby is having a recurrent diarrhoea and stomach infection it is not good for the baby so you need to have a descriptive discussion with your doctor to see if any supplement can be given to the baby so that we can be released from this and the stomach infection get cured . Hope this helps!
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