35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam I'm 33 week pregnant my back is paining too much what can I do

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Question: I'm 6 weeks pregnant, My nipples r paining too much what can I do now
Answer: Breast soreness and tenderness are both very common symptoms in the first trimester of pregnancy.For some woman it may even last the whole pregnancy.It happens due to increase in progesterone and estrogen hormones,increased blood flow to breast and fat building in the breasts.To decrease the tenderness apply warm compresses on your breast.Also make sure you wear loose maternity bras instead of the regular ones .These tips should help.
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Question: Hi..i m 2 weeks pregnant..my nipples r paining too much..what can i do?
Answer: Hie Don't worry it's normal Hormones go crazy during pregnancy And as your body prepares your breasts to feed and nourish your baby it would go through a lot of changes through out pregnancy It may get heavy ,soft, stiff may even leak clear liquid or milk It may cause pain as well   All of which is normal Apply cold or hot compressor to relive pain and soften them  You may as well apply cold freezed cabbage leaves they provide great relive and are much more convenient So stay calm and enjoy pregnancy
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Question: Hi I m 17 week pregnant my legs n back are too much paining
Answer: Hi dear its normal.bcoz of hormonal changes /dont worry dear n wait for little suprise
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