11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mam.. I'm 11 week pregnant..my doctor recently suggested me some tests like haemoglobin,hepatitis,double marker,blood sugar..is it everything normal plz suggest

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Answer: Hello dear dont panic everything is normal and this is usual test which doctors prescribe for all pregnant ladies at 3 month of pregnancy so yoy no need to worry. Eat healthy food, tke food rich in fibre, nutritious, calcium and iron rich. Drink plenty of water . Make sure your baby gets full supple.ebt from you
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    Dilafroz Ahmad834 days ago

    Thank you so much

Answer: Hi while pregnancy they normally take all tests . Its general dont worry about that .for delivery time they can treat well you thats y they take this many.
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Question: Hi mam.. I'm 11week pregnant..my doctor recently suggested me a no.of test like hepatitis,double marker,haemoglobin,blood sugar pp and fasting
Answer: Yes doctor too told me about this test & it is good for baby & mother for knowing that is there everything alright & if not they will consult some medicines for cure & do it.. It would cost you upto 4500 rs
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Question: Hello i am 7 week pregnant... Doctor suggest some blood tests to me.. Like thyroid hb etc. Are these important?
Answer: hi dear , yes they are very important at this time... cause thyroid,hb level can control your pregnancy... so follow your doctor..
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Question: Hi i m 10th week pergent today i meet my doctor she suggest me double marker test .sugar and nt scan bt she said everything is normal
Answer: These are routine investigations Double marker test is to rule out downs syndrome
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