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Question: Hi mam .I already use coconut oil and intiwash also used to prevent infection .after that also I'm getting itching but today no white discharge .but little bit itching is I was only concern about my abdominal cramps

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Answer: Hi friend I am trying to understand your situation your profile is showing that you are trying for pregnancy. I have no idea as to which point of your periodic cycle you are in. You may take a warm compress for the cramps. Applying coconut oil and boric acid or curd. Take care
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Question: Hi im 6 week pregnant I'm getting cramps in lower abdomen n little white discharge also
Answer: Hello! Mild cramps in abdomen is common during pregnancy. It is mainly due to the growing uterus which stretches the muscles and ligaments. There is nothing to worry Also white discharge is also common. If there is change in the colour from white to yellow, ceramish to green, or there is itchiness or bad odour then it could be due to infection and needs to be checked by the doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant i have white discharge every day little bit but today its heavy and itching but no smell is it ok
Answer: No when itching is there..u must go check with ur doctor..plain discharge at times is ok..But when discharge appears to be different or curdled or may be a sign of infection..Avoid using hot water for washing..Dont itch..dont use soap or oil.examine with ur gyno the reason for itching ..Since itching is there it a advisable to consult ur doctor..take curd in ur diet
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Question: Today i have thick white discharge. Also little cramps but not labour pain.Is ot sign of labour near??
Answer: Hi dear these are the early symptoms of Alibaba so you don't need to worry white discharge is also a normal so please take a more water do regular walking and exercises avoid eating more heat causing food item. Sleep on your left side and can keep pillow behind you can also kee pillow in between your thighs.this will give you good sleep.
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