3 months old baby

Question: Hi madam per time par baby ko kitna time feeding dena chaiye my baby are 2month old pls ans me

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Answer: Feed baby every 2hours
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Question: 6 month baby ko kitna khana dena chaiye din me
Answer: Hii The first foods offered to a baby are called stage 1 baby food. They are pureed and strained so that the little ones can gulp and digest them easily. They are low on allergy grade. 1. Milk Continue breast milk or formula for your baby as it is the main source of nutrition for babies until one year (1). Breastfeed every two to three hours or on demand. Alternatively, offer 24-37 ounces of formula milk every day. 2. Stage 1 fruits Apples, avocados, apricots, bananas, mango, nectarines, peaches, papaya, pears, plums, prunes, and pumpkin make great first foods for a baby. 3. Stage 1 veggies Babies can digest boiled and mashed vegetables such as beans (green), carrots, sweet potato, squash, green peas, and potatoes. 4. Water Give boiled and cooled water to your baby at least thrice a day. 5. Cereals and pulses Cereals and pulses such as rice, barley, and oats provide essential nutrients to the growing babies. Wake up time Formula or breast milk. Continue breastfeeding for the rest of the day. Breakfast (7:30 to 8am) Fruit mash or vegetable mash Lunch (11:30 to 12:30pm) Cereals such as rice, barley or oats Snacks (3:30 to 4pm) Fruit or vegetable purees Dinner (6 to 7pm) Veggies, fruit mix or grains Remember that you are preparing the chart for your reference only. You need not have to stick to a schedule strictly. Offer milk and solids in an order that is convenient to you and acceptable to your baby. However, make food so tasty that your baby would not mind eating it at any time of the day. Start with servings of 5-10ml or one teaspoon and increase the amounts gradually (2). The baby may eat just half a spoon initially. Do not force-feed her. Also, moving to solids is not an easy task as you need to be careful not to choke the baby or hurt her tummy with heavy foods. Take enough care not to harm the baby when you are feeding solids.
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Question: one month k baby ko ek time me kitna ml milk dena chaiye??? pls tell
Answer: 60-90 ml If baby is on formula feed only Nd if you looking for breastmilk then no particular measurement. Ideally by lactation consultant 20 min feed and 20 min burp. Don't let the baby sleep before taking burp.
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Question: 2month baby bottle feeding me kitna dena chahiye?
Answer: Main aapne baby Ko Nan pro deti thi, packet me jo instructions hotey hai usse hi thik se follow Karti thi. Us hisab se 2 months baby Ko 60 ml milk Dena chahiye ek feed me. Hope it will help.
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