10 months old baby

Question: Hi madam, for my 10 months old baby boy im giving breast milk along with solid food to my baby and not yet introduces formula milk till date, so if i want to introduce porridges to my baby which type of milk i must use for the recipe.. which means formula milk, buffalo milk, cow milk. And is formula milk good for cooking with porridges??? And for how much time we can boil formula milk... Pls explain clearly.. im in a dilemma!

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Question: Lactogen , cow milk and buffalo milk which milk is good for one month baby
Answer: Hi! Honestly none. Its your milk which is the best for your baby but if for some reason you are unable to provide pls give formula and try and increase your breast milk. For increasing Breast Milk Supply 1. Satvarex powder twice with milk 2. Methi in any form- methi sabzi, methi seeds with water, kasuri methi, methi laddoo, methi pills 3. Lots of garlic in food and desi ghee 4. Lots of water. Min 1 glass before & after every bf 5. Daliya with milk or oats once atleast 6. Ajwain 7. Zeera and jaggery.. grind together and hv spoonful with milk twice a day 8. Masoor daal 9. Papaya And lots of baby latch, more the suckle more the milk. Hope this helps!
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Question: Which milk is best for babies. To start with...cow or buffalo ...my baby is 6 mnths now
Answer: Dear please dont give cow or buffalo milk to baby before baby is 1 year. Give only breastmilk or formula milk to baby.. you xan also ask your doctor about this.
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Question: Can we give cow milk or buffalo milk to 1 year old baby if yes can you explain which cow milk or buffalo milk to be used and procedure of its preparation.
Answer: cow milk u can give just boiled it and give. its aldo good for health.
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