8 months old baby

Question: Hi maam My baby completed 8th mth on last mth 26th Till nw she dnt start sitting with out support Im making her to sit on bed n floor Im worried alot plz help me out

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Answer: two times a day give nice massage to whole body with olive oil Keep massaging her legs with sesame oil at night after baby sleeps Sit with her in early mrg sunlight for 1/2 hr Continue to give nutritious diet n calcium syrup prescribed
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Question: My baby is running on her 4th month.. is it safe to make her sit.. it vl effect her spinal cord in future? My hus family peoples making her sit.. not giving any support in back..n holding her by hands.. so im worried.. is it safe to sit her like that..
Answer: Hi! Please ask them to stop forcing the child, it may hurt her spine and which can be harmful in the long run. It is not safe for babies aged 4 months to sit, she has a long time to sit, stand jump and play. Please note, before sitting your will mastered the art of rolling over on her own, will be able to hold her neck independently. And all that can take place between 4-8th month of her age, so no need to rush it. Good luck!
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Question: Hi. My daughter is 13 months old. Still not crawling and not getting up to sitting position. When she tries to get up she pushes herself back. She is able to sit, stand with support and walk with support. But not trying to get up. I am too much worried. How do I make her get up and crawl or sit
Answer: Hi mommy, the average age for crawling is 8 months, but many babies wait until later to crawl, or may skip this stage entirely.Some infants forgo crawling and proceed directly to pulling themselves up to standing, cruising on furniture, walking with some help, and finally, walking on their own. Some tips to help: Give your baby plenty of tummy time, starting from birth. By playing on their bellies, babies develop the muscle strength in their shoulders, arms, back and trunk (torso) that helps them learn to crawl. Encourage your baby to reach for the toys she is interested in. Lay interesting toys at just a short distance from your almost-crawler. See if she is able to move herself toward these objects. Make sure your baby has space to explore that is safe and supervised.Now is the time to begin child-proofing your home. Take a walk through (or better yet, a crawl-through) your home and see what potential hazards may be at your baby’s level. Place the palms of your hands behind your child’s feet when he is on all fours. This stabilizes him and gives him something to “push off” from when he is just learning to crawl.
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Question: My baby completed 8 months two days back but still she is not sitting on her own and not crawling too..if we make her sit she sits and that too without support..
Answer: That is great if she is sitting without support make her sit as much as possible. Let her play while sitting keep the toys around her so that keep on playing while sitting. Gradually she will get into the habit of it. Hope it helps.
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