21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi m in 20 weeks and three day pregnanat.. On 28/2/2019 was 2nd scan in that doctor toll my child legs and neck is bend

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Answer: Hello, I think there is nothing to worry about but you will come to know only when the baby is delivered also ur gynaecologist will guide you what steps are to be taken further.
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Question: My last period date was 5th nov 2018 ... But it is shown in my scan report taken on 10th jan 2019 as 7 weeks ... The doctor said that it is a delayed pregnancy.. what is my details?
Answer: Hi! Congrats dear!! Delayed conception or delayed pregnancy basically refers to the fact that implantation can be as early as six days after intercourse, or 14 days. This is why two couples who have intercourse on the same day can still have due dates ten days apart.. I m sure your doc must have asked you to come for another scan in a week or 2. Sometimes doc checks for fetus differential growth from your previous scan n not your lmp(last month period) when usually the dates don't synch. N heartbeat can be clearly detected from 7 to 10 weeks time if not detected yet.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Am pregnant..My last periods was on 2nd jan 2019..is that mean am 2 months pregnant..??? but am not having vomiting or tiredness ..is that normal?
Answer: Hello dear, vomiting n nausea is common problem of pregnancy but every one Don't have these problems in pregnancy. So, you are one of the lucky one. As per your lmp yes you are in 2nd months of your pregnancy.
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Question: Hi I missed my periods on 7th Feb 2019 and had ovulation day on 21st jan ....how many weeks m I pregnant? Thankyou in advance😊
Answer: Hello dear. Both dates are not useful fir calculating weeks. As your oregnancy is calculated based on your last period first day. That is counted as day 1 and then weeks are added to it. Hope it helps.
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