18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, m 17 weeks pregnant... My abdomen part have a little pain, like pulling... Yesterday I had sex with my partner... Is the pain on becoz of it? We did more than one times... After that i feel a little pain on abdomen... What is the actual reason? Is it lack of drinking water?

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Question: I have little pain in the right side of upper abdomen part. Is it normal
Answer: yes dear it's totally normal. now you are just 6 week pregnant. so chances are there that you might have implantation cramping.
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Question: M 17 weeks pregnant... I have a pain on my abdomen.. 2 days before I had a physical relation with my partner... After that i felt pain on my abdomen... Is that pain on becoz of sex? Or any other problem, like lack of drinking water? Now i have little pain on abdomen also a pulling affect on my navel... Plss tell me the reason..
Answer: Hi dear I really the abdominal pain should not be due to your intercourse but again That depends on the position that you have tried intercourse with however it can be due to lack of water as you have said and the cooling effect is stretching of your uterus and the abdominal muscles which is very common and normal during this time of pregnancy..however I would suggest you to not indulge in physical intimacy if you face any problem . Hope this helps!
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Question: I hav a sudden abdomn pain yesterday night..that was gone after some times..what is the reason of it??
Answer: It's normal to have pain during this time of pregnancy because our body starts to prepare it for real labour. It is also know as False Labour. No need to panic. You can always visit your doctor if it becomes intense.
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