Few days old baby

Question: Hi...its been 30 dsys for my c section .still pain exists in the c section area .i went to doctor she said i have an becterial infection.i had fever also .she said its bcz of the psin...is this is serious issue.how many days it will take to recover?

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Question: How many days does it take to completly recover from the c section delivery
Answer: Hi dear gor normal low stress day ti day life u can start doing after 4 to 6 week but a complete recovery process's tske atleast 6 months .u should refrain doing any execrise or exhaustive work after 6 months of delivery. U can do walk and swimming which is fine. Also getting involve in light yoga and sleep properly is advisable.
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Question: Its been 26 days for me after c section. Still bleeding flowing. How many days usually it takes to stop.
Answer: Dear usually it takes upto 4-6 weeks at the most for the bleeding to stop completely. If it happens after that then you need to consult the doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: Its been 5 month my baby born through c section but still I feel pain in back, waist, entire pelvic area and even wanted for intercourse but not happened like before. Is it an serious issue? Should I consult Gynaecologist?
Answer: Sister you still have weakness. You should take healthy food and visit your doctor to take medicine for your good health
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