6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ism 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant.i don have any symptom of pregnancy just got two lines on my home pregnancy strip!!!iam wondering if iam really pregnant!is it normal to not feel pregnacy and have absolutely no symptom of pregnancy and still be pregnant?

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Answer: Hi dear, Not to worry,not many get typical pregnancy symptoms.and the symptoms does not gaurentee healthy baby. Every pregnancy is different.so relax,it's ok not get any symptoms.but usually the nausea etc starts after 8 weeks.so you never know,you might get them late.white discharge is normal in pregnancy.your first transvaginal scan would be done at 6 th week,to find out the implantation spot,also gestational sac.8 weeks scan is the first ultrasound scan to check heartb at of baby.wish you all the best!
Answer: Yes dear. It is absolutely normal to have no symptoms at all. I also did not had any of the symptoms and still had a healthy pregnancy. You can get ur beta hcg done to know thw growth of ur pregnancy. Hopw it helps.
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Answer: It is not necesaary that every women have early preg symprtoms like nausea, vomiting etc. So if you have missed your periods, please take a lab urine test and make urself sure. Dont wait for the symptoms to come. Tc
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Question: Iam 7 week pregnant.i have heavy cough and pain in two sides of under breast. Please tell me a home remedy..for cough..please......
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Question: Hi i got positive in hcg home test now i m 47 days pregnant but i have no symptom of pregnancy
Answer: Hi congrats on conceiving dear. Some women have vomitings and some dont. some will have sour cravings and some will not.. Visit your gynic, they will suggest you folic acid tabs and test for babies heart beat.
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