29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi in pregnancy time how many months they will counting there sex life

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Question: I have cesarean delivery.... How many days I will avoid sex n stairs climbing.. N plz tell me in how many days my life will be normal again?
Answer: There vil b two incisions in c sec.one on stomach and one on uterus.outer incision vill compltely heal in 3 months and inner one take 6 months.after 6 weeks of c sec u can hav sex if u R comfrtble vit ur healTh.and afte 6 mnthz u vil be nrml
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Question: How many tt injection will be there in pregnancy time
Answer: There are 2 dosese of tt...first at 3rd month and other one in between 5 th to 6th month
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Question: How many t.t injection s they will give in pregnancy
Answer: U have to take 2 TT injections..one in the 4th and another in the 5th month
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