30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, in last 25th week, i hv done ultra sound has cervix is 2.8 cm n internal os is closed n placenta anterior is it ok for normmal delivery.

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Answer: both are not related with normal delivery.. normal delivery depend upon baby position.. which is cephalic or head down position
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    Nikita Parate835 days ago

    Ohh thanks

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Question: Hi..my cervix length is 27mm. Internal Os is closed. Is it ok for normal delivery
Answer: Hi as the normal cervical length ranges between 25 to 30mm so don't worry it's normal and internal os is a the part of cervix which is attached to the uterus and it remains closed till the delivery. So don't worry it's normal. Take care
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Question: Mam my placenta location is Fundic anterior wall 2.8 cm above internal os
Answer: Hi dear if your present location is anterior fundic it means that your place entire is attached at the front wall and funny kids on the upper segment please don't worry it is common in a lot of pregnancy and it should not cause any problem in the delivery also and in the later stage of your pregnancy the listen termites get more up along with the uterus as it also keeps stretching .. Hope this helps!
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Question: In my tiffa placenta is anterior, lower margin of placenta 2.8 cm away from internal OS
Answer: Low lying palcenta require rest without any body exertion. Then the placenta will become correct position. Nothing to worry dear
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