9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. im in 8 weeks now.Today im done with viability scan .so babys heartbeat was 167 BPM .is this normal or it is less.please answer

2 Answers
Answer: This is a perfect baby hearts rate.. Nothing to worry
Answer: It's a very good heart beat. Not less.
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Question: Baby's heartbeat 167 bpm at 11th week pregnancy,is it sign of baby boy or girl ?
Answer: Heart beat doesnt decides my babies gender, my friend and i were pregnant at same time and always haf heart beat of baby abobe 160 but both of us delivered different gender babies.
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Question: Babys heartbeat 145 bpm ... is it normal ???
Answer: Heartbeat of baby is in between 110-180 bpm is absolutely normal.
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Question: Hi, tdy i hve done NT scan is 156 bpm is normal ahh?? In a 6th week it was 136 bpm so lil worried abt it😞
Answer: No need to worry. Its perfectly normal. My baby too had same.
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