30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im anusha now I'm 7th month ending pregnant So, now can I travel by car or bus for 3 hours. Please tell me

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Answer: Hi It is not advisable to travel for long time during 3rd trimester. But if are about to travel,you can prefer car than bus.
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Question: hi I'm 5 month pregnant,can I make 3 hours travel by car??
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can travel by car provided you don't have any complications. Also make sure you avoid bumpy roads and take a break after every 45-60 minutes during the jou. Continous journey should be avoided. Lastly, it is important to also consult your doctor.
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Question: Hi im Anusha now I'm 7th momth ending pregnant. So now can I travel my bus or car for 3 hours
Answer: Hi, I travelled 7 hrs in car when I was 30 weeks pregnant and everything was good. If you don't have any pregnancy complications, opt for car. Avoiding bus is good.
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Question: Hi.. My 7th month completed today. Can I travel by bus 3 hours
Answer: you should avoid travelling by bus during pregnancy..jerks might be harmful.
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