15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 15 weeks pregnant....facing too much of gas problem is it normal,???

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Answer: yes dear, gas acidity stomach pain is normal in pregnancy specially in initual weeks. I will suggest you to eat less oily and less spicy foods. drink adequate amount of water, take proper rest. I hope this will help you.
Answer: Yes it is normal I consulted with the doctor she said to me it is normal in pragnancy
Answer: But plz consult with the doctor because body are not same
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Question: Since the time I have conceived i am facing too much of gas trouble. Is it normal ? iam seven weeks pregnant.
Answer: Hi.. Dear acidity /gastric issue is a common problem in pregnancy due to hormone changes. You can get rid of acidity by drinking lots of water. You can soak the cumin powder in water over night, drink it in the morning, on empty stomach. It helps a lot to reduce acidity. Cold milk also helps. Avoid spicy food and food stuff that is hard to digest. Eat in small portions at regular intervals. Avoid late night eating. Do not consume any tablet on regular basis, without consulting your gynaecologist..
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Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant & i am facing too much problem due to frequent urinie. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello No dear absolutely not there is no problem in frequent urination. It is the growing uterus that us putting utmost pressure on yur bladder which gives the feeling of peeing in few minutes. Yu have gone tremendous harmonal changes and as yur baby is fully developed it is natural to happen. Don't worry it was a part of pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Gas problem of babby too much gas.
Answer: Hi dear. Some babies are born colic, they face these stomach issues till 6 month. You daily take few drops of lukewarm mustard oil and massage this oil around her navel in circular motion, this will eventually help her to relieve gas from body. Also make her do cycling exercise, hold her feet in your hand and bend her legs so that her knees should touch her tummy, this will also help. Guve her tummy time daily for at least 15 minutes. You also take care of your diet ,avoid food ehich can cause gas because mother's food have great impact on baby's health. Also apply a mixture of him and water around your baby's navel
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