4 months old baby

Question: Hi iam bf mother last month i got period on these month i need to delay my period can i take tablet to delay periods plz tell me madam

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Question: Im bf mother can i take tablet for cold
Answer: Hi dear. dear you should avoid taking a medicine if you are a breastfeeding add instead of taking medicine you should try a hot cup of ginger tea with few drops of honey in it it will help you a lot and also drink some hot liquid for example vegetable soup it will give you very much relief . you can also rubber Desi Ghee on your nose the chest and back and steam or Mist will also help you a lot .
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Question: Can i take paracetamol tablet im bf mother??
Answer: Paracetamol is the safest medicine that you can take while feeding but it's advisable to get checked by a doctor about how many tablets you can take in a day.  Wash your hands frequently, keep a sanitiser at hand and use it frequently while handling the baby, specifically before breastfeeding.
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Question: Hi doctor IAM pushpanjali 7 weeks mother. Doctor suggested me to take FOLXT tablet is it safe? And can u plz tell me the uses of the tablet
Answer: Yes it is safe to take it It is folic acid Folic acid acts by helping the body produce and maintain new cells. In particular, red blood cell formation is dependent upon adequate levels of this vitamin . Folic acid supplements are routinely prescribed for women who may become pregnant
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