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Question: Hi iam 4th month pregnant iam hungry during night what would be good to eat

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Answer: Hi.. Dear you can start having dry fruits during night from now, it will make an healthy snack you can have cashews, almonds, apricots ,raisins   dates, walnuts , and pistachios are some dry fruits to eat during pregnancy. Since dry fruits are nutritious, you should aim to include the recommended quantity in your diet each day..
Answer: Hi dear Just take a big glass of milk before sleep and in between if u feel hunger just take some 2 biscuits coz biscuits are carbohydrate rich and controls hunger easier and also take some nuts like cashew,badam,dry blueberry,walnuts,kismis,pista those r easy to have at nights and also controls your hunger...
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Question: What is good to eat during 4th month of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, healthy diet will give you healthy baby, follow these tips, it might be helpful for you... Take folate rich foods that includes green vegetables, lentils, chickpeas.. Intake of wholegrain,millets , cereals will also help Eat lot of vegetables and fruits which haslot of nutrients Eat nuts, dates,dryfruit as snacks,you can also have makhana Avoid caffeine,sugar,packed foods,pastries too Eat home made food than food brought outside Stay yourself hydrated, drink three litres of water a day, you can add fresh juice too If you are a non vegetarian, chicken, egg,meat is best option you can have it weekly twice,other meat weekly once Drink two glasses of milk daily, good for bone health Intake of fruits and vegetables,will give you lot of nutrients needed during this phase,avoid constipation,and it helps in yielding a healthy baby,can have more water content veggies like raddish, cucumber,white pumpkin,celery, cauliflower,cabbage, bottle guard,which helps you to stay hydrated, can also have beetroot,carrot,beans, cauliflower, drumstick,green leafy vegetables,which increases iron content in your body fruits are rich source of energy,you can have apple,pears,guava, pomogranate,chikoo,grapes, they contain lot of fibre, minerals and vitamins, which is needed during pregnancy,you can eat dryfruits at anytime as snacks but the best time to eat dryfruits is early in the morning,soak them overnight and have it,but have it in moderation because they has high calorie content than the fresh one,having nuts and dryfruits in pregnancy is very essential because they promote lot of health benefits to you and your baby,it also componsate the nutritional needed for pregnancy,regular intake of dryfruits will relieve you from Anemia and constipation
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Question: Hi now iam 4th month pregnant can I eat banana
Answer: yes you can eat banana..this can be overcome by regular intake of diet rich in iron and iron rich fruits and vegetables. Banana is one of the great sources of iron which every woman should consume. Doing so will accelerate iron in body, by producing haemoglobin and reducing anemic symptoms. Constipation becomes all the more problematic for a pregnant lady, who struggle for a regulated gastrointestinal symptom while pregnant. This is essential as banana contains fibres which enable smooth bowel movement and easy movement of stools from your body. It is common knowledge that calcium is essential for the development of bones and skeleton system in children as well as adults. This miraculous fruit called banana is a rich source of calcium.
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Question: Hi iam 4th month pregnant can i eat dry fish
Answer: Hi. Yes you can have fish but make sure its cooked well. With dry fish i am.assuming you are taling about fried fish. So untill its not raw its fine to eat. But double check with your doctor which variety of fish you are eating as some fish are high in mercury and are nor advisable.to have in pregnancy.
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