22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i was 54 kg before getting pregnant. From Feb 24th its my 5th month. Now my weight is 60kg . Is it norm weight gain or its more. If its more How can i control my weight. Please help

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Answer: Hello, There is nothing to worry,its normal. Normal weight growth during pregnancy is around 12 kgs.
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Question: Hi during the first month of pregnancy I was in 54 kg weight. And now in 9month my weight is 60kg only. Is this okay?.
Answer: Hey good to know u r in 9 th month of pregnancy. Now u r very close to meet ur baby. See dear. It is not necessary u should gain specific weight. If ur BMI is fine and ur baby growth is perfect then nothing to worry . Do take healthy diet which is more important.take care
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Question: How to balance weight.. my weight is increasing more..before pregnancy it was 60kg now i am 70kg
Answer: Hello, Dear that's normal and important to have a weight gain during pregnancy. It's not only your weight. it includes baby's weight and the weight of the fluid around your baby. so don't worry the weight you are gaining is completely healthy and safe. normal weight gain throughout pregnancy is 15 to 20 kg it can increase according to your body type. So don't worry everything is normal and you will shed a lot of weight at the time of delivery...
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Question: Before pregnancy I was 45 kg but now I m 8 month pregnant n my weight is 54 .... Is this ok or more
Answer: hi dear yes it is normal so you don't need to get worried about it during pregnancy body weight increased his actually good because it helps for your baby's growth and development it shows that your baby is healthy so you don't need to worry much about it take for healthy and is calcium vitamin nutrient rich food helps you to be more strong
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