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Question: Hi , i was 12 weeks oregnant and suddenly baby heat beat stops and dnc has been done for me on 18 th February. Afterwards, i have been given antibiotic for one week. Now its march 1 st. But still i am havong on and off spotting oas brownish thhough its not heavh bleeding. Is that ok? Or j need to go for scan again? Please help me on this.

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Answer: Hi dear! So If there is spotting its fine dear as long as there is no heavy bleeding dear. Normally people experience 10days of spotting or less or even more it's fine dear. Every person is different dear. So don't worry . If you are tensed about it thwn we can do a scan and see if everything is going good inside dear. Take care dear.
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    Bhuvaneswari Balasubramanian832 days ago

    Ok madam, may i know the reason for this. Any health issueaof us will affect baby inaide womb and cause such thing?

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Question: hi...i had c section on dec its been 44 days..since today i am bleeding again like periods and slight pain below the area of stritches which is coming like on and it serious.?
Answer: hello.. dear the pain in the lower abdomen is common after delivery.. so warm compresses or warm bath showers will ease your pain.. and take proper rest... usually bleeding long time after delivery is also common.. but if it is continous for nest few weeks then consult your doctor..
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Question: As i m 12 weeks .Can i go for abdomen ultrasound or still for tvs as it is spotting regularly.And again i want to go for ultrasound again for checking heart beat and growth.My last tvs was on 21 jan..
Answer: Hi dear, I see you are already 12 weeks pregnant,and by now you should have had your viability scan done.spotting might not be an issue in first trimester.please get your viability scan done to check your baby heart beat now.
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant . I had spottinv 12 th june night again on 14 june night. I have visited doctor and dr had given tablets. Is it ok light spotting? Anybody had such spotting.
Answer: Hi...I had it in my 20weeks....but if Ur baby is healthy and fine no need to worry..take bed rest for 2to 4 weeks and stay stress cautious... Avoid traveling and stay on bed for some weeks...
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