6 months old baby

Question: Hi, i started buffalo's milk to my 4and half month baby. How much sugar can i add in his milk around in 100ml.

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Answer: U can give ur baby both the milk but make sure the cow milk which u give should be from country cow and not the cow type like jersy. If ur giving country/native cow milk it will be digested by ur baby however if it is from jersy type cows ur baby will not be able to digest it. Also make sure not to introduce sugar to ur baby at this age. Give him plane milk.
Answer: If u want to give buffalo milk or cow milk you should water for 1 glass of milk add 2glasses of water and prefer not give sugar best is add a little bit of salt and my baby is 6months now i am giving buffalow milk since 2 months but see 1week that ur baby is digesting or not
Answer: Hi dear, Till one year babies are not supposed to have cow or any kind of animals milk.. Bcoz it ll cause diarrhea , stomach ache and vomiting due to indigestion.. Their stomach is not matured to digest it.. So provide the baby with breast milk or formula..
Answer: Hi desr plz don't give any cow or buffaLo milk to ur baby as it is difficult to digest till 1 yesr of baby age. U should give only formula or breast Milk to ur baby .
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Answer: Hello dear. Try not to give your baby foods that are high in sugar or salt. These foods are low in the nutrients the baby needs and it's easy for your baby to fill up on them, leaving less room for healthy meals. Plain milk would do. Take care.
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Question: dear doctor I started cow milk to my baby ...say how much water we add in half Lt milk .
Answer: kuch dr cow milk dene ke liye mana karte hain.. but mere dr ne cow milk dene ke liye bola hain.. aur dudh me se malai nikal kar dene ko kaha hain.. water add nahi karna..
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Question: Can i have buffalo's first milk???if yes..how much
Answer: Have it in moderate quantity as is could be heavy for you and can cause gas and acidity
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