8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...i need your help..im 8 week pregnant.i have spotting and light bleeding.today i have done ultrasound and doctor told me i have empty sac..is it normal or im going to have miscarriage

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Answer: Wait for few more days don't lose hope .. If its an empty sac no heart beat or baby then you will miss carry .. Nothing to worry about it .. If there is any chromosomal abnormalities or defects , our body itself abort the development naturally .. Its a good thing knw ?? Its good , when its aborted naturally , than giving birth to a child with defects .. My first pregnancy was like this, misscarried at 5 wweks 6 days.. After that i got pregnant again.. So pray to god .. Everything happens for a reason
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    lalnunsangi hmar874 days ago

    Thank you

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    Kalyani873 days ago

    Your welcome 😊

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Question: I have last miscarriage in October.. Now i am 9 week pregnant and having light spotting is it normal?
Answer: hi dear ! so dear you should take progesterone tablets for this light bleeding even. so you will have to visit your gynac dear to get an examination done dont worry this spotting is normal but we tend to give the progesterone as it helps to maintain the pregnancy and prevents any miscarriages. so just to be on a safer side we give progesterone. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: Empty sac in 8 th week Ultrasound..will it heal or not
Answer: Even thought the heart beat of the baby is generally supposed to be visible by 6-7 weeks it may take up-to 10 weeks so there is nothing to actually be worried about it. You need to worry only if the baby or the heart beat do not appear even by 10 weeks which means it is a blighted ovum or a chemical pregnancy where only the sack is present and no baby appears.
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Question: I had done my first ultrasound in 5 week$ 6 days there is empty sac. Doctor told to wait for 2 week. I am very tensed about my second ultrasound. Is it Normal?
Answer: Kindly wait ma.. Eat healthy food Don't fear to anything Think positive always
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