20 months old baby

Question: Hi, i need to restart my career ,, I'm looking for job nothing s working, i have prior experience, but it's difficult to get the job, i was in hr stream, but i feel very down,

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Question: Still I have pain on my abdomen and the place of Stiches.... I'm lying down... It's difficult to sitting and getting up.... Give some remedies
Answer: hi dear it will take at least two months for the pain to completely go and come for complete healing of stitches till then take complete bed rest it is good to lie on a left side easier to get get up from bed in that position and also it will cost less strain to the stitches. Hope this helps dear.
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Question: I am always feel tired but it's very difficult to sleep while in bed at night..3 month pregnt
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Tiredness, un easiness and dizziness Can be due to stress, strain and hormone changes in pregnancy. If you are not diabetic, you can have coconut , fruit juices, glucose water, fruits etc. These help to give you energy and relief . If you are diabetic there are fruits like mosambi which you can have .Walk for some time after dinner take bath with warm water and drink warm milk. You can sleep well. Take rest well. Take care
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Question: When ever I turn left or right while sleeping I feel very difficult to move and also have pain down the stomach. Is it normal please reply
Answer: There is a lot of pressure on your abdomen region and legs as a result of the expanded uterus. This will give a lot of pressure on the blood vessels and nerves of the abdomen region and the legs. Hence the pain and cramps. Do leg exercises to get your muscles strong and to allow blood circulation in the right manner
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