29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m pregnant of 7 months.previous day i was feeling baby movements little bit.i m very tense. Plz ans me

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Answer: Hi dear try to check yourself shine a torch on your tummy and check. drink cold water and lie down on your left side if still there is no movements and better visit a doctor
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Question: I m 16 weeks pregnant with 2nd one but still not feeling any movements.. I m tense plz help..
Answer: No need to worry. U may not feel the movement as early as 16 weeks. Wait for 2 more weeks. U will definitely know the gliding movements of your baby soon.
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Question: m 38 wks pregnant...m feeling slight backache.. baby movements very less ...why plz ans...
Answer: It's A HIGH TIME to be mummy baby is big bow needs. Space to move n it's time for baby to come. Out that's y ur feeling pain
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Question: I am in the of 9month Pregnancy and i m feeling very weak and less movements of baby what it means plz ans me???
Answer: Check after eating 1 hour if baby moves 5 times is ok, 2 or less go and consult your doctor
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