6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m feeling cold....and my body temperature is bit high...

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Answer: I suggest u not to take any tablets or medicines without ur doctors advice ... Consult the doctor and follow what she says ...
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Question: I am 7 wks pregnant. Suddenly my body heat is high... dont feel like fever but i have little bit cold. Why does body temperature increase
Answer: Hi you should check the fever if you are feeling cold it is possible that you must be heading for fever if you get temperature you should consult your doctor for medications as you are pregnant you are you should take only save medicines under the consultation with your doctor
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Question: i am 4 week pregnant ... and my body temperature is high... how to reduce the temperature??
Answer: Hello! By body temperature do you mean that your body is heated or you feel to hot,then try to follow these. Take one tender coconut water on daily basis. Drink plenty of water. Have lots of fruits and vegetables. Have fruit juice, especially fruits rich in Vitamin C.
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Question: Hi... My body temperature is a bit high though not much and I am feeling a bit cold. What to do? Is it normal or should I consult doctor?
Answer: Hello, Dear it's normal. It can because of weather. So just take rest and drink plenty of warm liquid like soups and daal's. That will be very helpful and soothing.. Also bath with only warm water. That will give you some relief..
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