8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i m 40 yrs old with 7weeks n 6 days pregnancy. Today dr says i hav pcod for which my weight is uncontrollable increasing (before pregnancy). All other reports are normal. Is der will be any issue for this???

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Answer: Hi.. Congratulations Don't worry, follow a balanced diet.. manage your weight throughout your pregnancy.. Avoid oily, spicy and junk foods. take fiber Rich foods.. Stay healthy.. All the best..!
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    Gitu Mobile Backup264 days ago

    Thanks. I feel hungry in every hr. What to eat n what not any suggestions

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Question: We are planning since 3 yrs. Had a miscarriage 3 yrs back. All my husband and my reports are normal. No problem other than pcod. Doc suggests laproscopy. Had 5 iui after tht. Should we go for it?
Answer: Yes u can go for laproscopy... I had too undergone it on april 2018 n by d grace of God i m 16 weeks pregnant now..... Trust ur Doc n have faith in God..... Everything will be ok... All d best
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Question: I m 19weeks 3days.. My ultrasound reports is normal.. But today mrg I saw some spotting.. Light red... Dr said all ur ultrasound reports are normal... What does it mean.. I m worried bcoz its my first pregnancy with twins
Answer: Light spotting is normal but if it continues than please visit your doctor.
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Question: Hi.. I m 6week pregnant n m nt having any symptoms of pregnancy like vomitting n all... Is der will be any problem or issue to baby???
Answer: Hi, this is the common symptom of pregnancy there is nothing to worry it will not affect your baby don't worry but if you are getting vomiting more than 3 times in a day you should consult to your doctor for medicines as you will become dehydrated and you require a good proteins nutrition for the proper growth of the baby if you vomit more than 3 times in a day you will start feeling more week. Try to eat something light every 2 hours and drink more Fluids throughout the day. You can also try and take peppermint and Ginger Honey paste which will help you in vomiting.
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