21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...i'm 19 weeks pregnant and i m having pale yellow coloured phelgm daily just once early in the morning. This started some time in pregnancy. Today i just saw some tiny blood particles( only once) in mucus/phlegm.is this something i need to worry about??

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Answer: Hello, I think there is nothing to worry about. You are having normal cold during pregnancy which happens due to hormonal changes.
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Question: My son is 17days old and from morning we see dry blood in is belly button.. what should we do... Is this something we need to worry about...
Answer: Don't worry dear. Apply little neopsrin powder or betadine powder. It will heal soon. While bathing make sure the excess water is wiped away.
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Question: Hi...Good morning...My wife has some bleeding in the morning, about 8 drops of blood...Is this something to worry about?
Answer: Consult Ur doctor as this r starting days of pregnancy..
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Question: Hi today my 7 month started n i saw pinkish thread like while urinate in very small quantity is this i need to worry about
Answer: Yes, I had same and was admitted to hospital. Plz visit doctor to avoid any problem immideatly.
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