20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i just wanna know that i m a working women and my doctor hs said that u need proper bed rest bcoz of some complications like my placenta is in lower side is this a major problem ?

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Answer: Hi dear if you have a low lying placenta then yes it is a complication and at this time you need a lot of bed rest as your doctor has rightly a suggested you, because you might face a lot of bleeding due to low lying placenta in low lying placenta what happens is that you are Placenta is attached at much lower level of your uterus but don't worry usually it grows up or it may rise up later in your pregnancy when the uterus keeps stretching but now still it has a long time to happen so for the time being you need to take a lot of rest please do not walk fast or have intercourse it is absolutely not suggested and also do not lift any heavy weight have your proper food oil prenatal medicines and take rest .. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hey same thing.. my placenta is also at lower line which is very common nowadays.. generally too much walk and work needs to be avoided.. if you feel drained then take rest for a day or two. Do not do any weight lifting work.
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Question: Hi.. Is need complete bed rest for low lying placenta in 16 weeks.. dr said no need.. but i am some people said take bed rest.. so i am confused..
Answer: Low lying placenta is quite common in pregnancy..u can do moderate work...avoid lifting any weight, intercourse and other sternous activities even long travelling...u got plenty of time for the placenta to move up..so no worries it will resolve
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Question: Hi im 10 week pregnant mother...today i hv done ultrasound,they said lowlying placenta..im working ,need any bed rest can yu explain the co
Answer: Hello! Yes, bed rest is compulsory. Too much activity should be avoided specially activities involving bouncing and jerking should be avoided. Don't worry, since it is early in the pregnancy the placenta might move up by 20th week. Take care
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Question: I hv lower anterior placenta... 1 doc said u need total bed rest and another said its nothing to worry.... As week pass it will go up.. nt a big issue...
Answer: That's true just keep pillow under ur foot it will go up in few month
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