7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. i just confirmed tht im prgnt .. thiz my 4th prngcy. 1st baby girl nd nxt to are abotrion bcz of. No haterate of baby.. this might b good .. im in tension.. plz can u help me

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Answer: Hello.. Dear first consult doctor and check everything is good and also start taking folic acid tablet will help in neural tube development and also explain about previous miscarriage, they will help you in proper growth of baby, along with that have healthy diet, be relaxed and calm, because stress also play a vital role in baby development, also practice pranayama, believe yourself that baby will be good, sure it will work, me through entire pregnancy followed the same positvity and yield a healthy baby, follow it and have a happy pregnancy, hope it helps
Answer: Hi dear if this is your 4th pregnancy and after the forest baby girl all were missed abortion due to low heart rate and this time you are pregnant again and I hope that everything is well this time and I wish that all remains good for you but please do not over stress yourself or do think about positive things to happen and you will see that everything will be all fine please take care of yourself.. All the best!
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Question: Hi dear, my baby is having diaper rash bcz of this he is not sleeping plz help
Answer: Avoid using diapers until rash disappear. Keep the area clean and dry always... especially after passing urine and motion Wipe with soft cloth Apply a mixture of mupimet and rash free oinment to the area Expose the area ....do not cover it....change baby position frequently
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Question: Hii... My last period was on 14 dec2018...its been nearly 2months.. But der are no symptoms of pregnancy even d test are negative... Plz help what might b d prblm
Answer: Dear its hard to say anything without checking. So please visit a gynaecologist and get a ultrasound done to know the exact reason for it.. Most probably it will be hormonal imbalance but still its better to consult with gynaecologist and get checked..
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Question: Hi ..im planning for pregnancy now...its been the 4th year after marriage ..nd im 30 years old now...i recently had my periods on 28th of Aprl(1st day)...can u plz help me to know which are days for fertility
Answer: 12th May till 17th are imp days.. U just calculate 14 days from your last lmp from then 3-4 days are imp u can try in those days.. If not regular even u can try alternate days
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