5 months old baby

Question: Hi i have started giving lactogen for my baby.. she is passing foamy stools is it because of Lactogen, m worried if the Lactogen isn't suiting her.

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Answer: U can give Nan-pro to ur child it is better than lactogen
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Question: My baby is passing loose little foamy and yellow to light greenish stools today. Please help if this is because of any infection?
Answer: hi dear! the green stool may be due to formula milk or the foremilk( milk at the beginning of a feeding which consists of low fat content and high lactose content). and also if the mother or baby is on iron supplements. -if formula milk is given then dear you will have to stop the formula milk. -and for foremilk you will have to feed the baby for more than 10mins from one side to get the hind milk also.(Hindmilk is the high-fat, high-calorie breast milk,t's richer, thicker, and creamier than foremilk). -and if irons supplements is given to baby or taken by the mother then dear you will have to stop using them. if the motion is loose then it might be due to GIT infection in such cases a stool test will be required dear to make sure if any infection there. and if yes then dont get worried. proper antibiotics will solve the matter. so dont worry.! take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you dear!
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Question: Hi,, My LO is 5+ months old. I have started giving her Lactogen 1 but since then she has started refusing BM completely. Please suggest.
Answer: Oh that's not good... when baby is very hungry u offer breast milk only..baby will cry for 5min but than wil start drinking it. Dont worry it happens with Many people
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Question: Hi my baby s 12 days old..my milk s not enough for the baby so i m giving her little amount of lactogen..is it ok?
Answer: Yes it's ok. When breast milk is less formula milk is the only solution to keep the baby filled & happy.
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