10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. i have just reached at my 9 week pregnancy. But i am unable to feel anythung like pregnancy.. i cant eat much.. even water .. as i feel i wil get vomit.. m worried is all ok with my baby .. as due to selective food i ate can it affect my baby.. please help is it common ..

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Answer: Hello! Don't take stress, it is common in the first trimester to happen. Slowly as you reach in the second trimester you should be able to eat again. There is no problem as such. Try to have 6-7 small meals and drink sips of water not a glass at once. Take care
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Question: Hai,i have too much gas problem,anything i ate it is vomit out even i drink water gets vomit...plz suggest me a good remedy for that
Answer: Hi dear.. vomiting is common problem in pregnancy. You can use few tips to stop vomiting:- # drink lemon water # stay hydrated and drink lots of water # drink 2 coconut water in a day #eat small piece of ginger # eat banana, kiwi #eat soaked almonds before going to bed Hope this will help
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Question: Yesterday even after drinkung water i was getting vomiting so i slept as it..will it affect my baby as i ate nothing
Answer: Eating in pregnancy is compulsory d way u eat same will be given to baby... So as we know vomiting s d reason we get irritated but don't sleep empty stomach d way u eat d baby ll be healthy all depend on mother how she s eating and taking care... U have eat full day within 2 to 3 hrs.
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Question: hi iam in my week 17. since yesterday i am unable to have food...alot of vomit if having food. fruits other things ok. is it normal even in 2nd trimester, as i never had this much vomit in1st trimester.
Answer: It's very normal to vomit even throughout pregnancy. Drink coconut water it will reduce vomiting. If the vomiting is unbearable consult doctor for medicine to stop vomiting
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