37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i have itching in whole body, today im done in lft (liver function test),my alkaline phosphate is 292,isit normal or high plz reply,

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Question: I am 36week pregnant in my liver function test sgpt sgot and alkaline phosphate values are high..what to do is there any risk for my baby?
Answer: Hello! Generally in such case the doctor waits till 37 weeks and once you are in 37th week might go for the delivery. This condition might effect the baby causing fetal distress, preterm delivery or still birth. Hence, make sure that you have plenty of water, and reduce oil, spicy food consumption. Anything which puts pressure on the liver is not good enough. Take care
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Question: Hi my liver function test LFT os not good and alkaline phosphatase is 362 .i am 36 weeks 5 days pregnant
Answer: Don't worry. Already u completed 37 weeks na. So no problem. If it necessary doctors will go to c section. After the delivery it will b ok. Be brave. All the best. If u like my answer pls give lik
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Question: Hi M 25 weeks pregnant, from last few days I have itching problem, so doctor ask me to do LFT test. today I have done LFT test. The report was showing sgot -57/U/L, sgpt- 78 IU/L and Alkaline phosphatase - 164 U/L. Doctor is saying liver infection is there, can any body let me know is there any risk? Pls reply
Answer: hello dear yes it is an infection of liver so if it is intrahepatic cholestasis of liver then it is potentially dangerous for your baby so doctor suggest you for early delivery to avoid complications and risk..trust and follow your doctor suggestions
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