13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i have hyperthyroid my tsh levels o.o44 is it affect on my pregnancy

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Answer: hi dear! so hyperthyroidism you will have to take ptu dear (propylthiouracil). as you have to be treated for this as untreated thyroid problems can cause preterm delivery and low birth weight baby . so treatment is very important dear. take care dear.
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    srs m606 days ago

    Thank you mam

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Question: Hi my tsh levels are increased to 4.49 does it affect the baby
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it has elevated but still.in safe range.try to bring it down to 3or less.yoj would need to increase the thyroid dose.consult your doctor on the same.as of now it is still in normal range but could have tendency to rise.as thyroid requiremnt increases in pregnancy.
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Question: Hi,i have hyperthyroid my age 25 iam worried is it affect on my baby development
Answer: In pregnancy TSH level increased...it is common..you have to take regular medicine for thyroid then all will be fine..dont worry dear...consult with doctor.
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Question: My TSH level is 19, does it affect on my pregnancy?
Answer: hi dear! yes dear it will affect the pregnancy , you will have to do a anti tpo antibody test dear to see the cause for the increased tsh levels dear. and you will need to start medicines dear. if the medicine is started and the tsh is controlled then it wont create any problem for the baby dear. so do visit your doctor and do the test . take care.
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