8 months old baby

Question: Hi i have 8 months old baby and my belly has reduced a lot. But my belly button hasn't gone inside yet. Will it go inside or will remain the same like half way in and half way out. I am really worried as i frequently wear sarees n it looks odd to see my belly button like that. Please help.

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Answer: It most probably will remain as it is.
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    Deepthi Ravi Chandhran839 days ago


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Question: I have a kid 4 and half months old and I had c section.. my belly has reduced but my belly button hasn't gone inside yet like before.. it's look so abnormal to me.. why it hasn't gone inside. What should I do?
Answer: Just need some more time. Don't try to push it inside yourself it need some time. Don't lift weight and don't do exercises.
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Question: My belly button after c section does not goes in? Will it remain like this?
Answer: Hello! It should go in, don't worry give some time. But if still stays then consult the doctor once. Take care
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Question: After 4 month of delivery my belly button is swollen..and my belly size not reduced it remain same is it normal..
Answer: Hi,Dear, After delivery, the belly of a mother does not regain its old form and tightness immediately. The hormonal changes post-childbirth will cause the tummy to reduce over time, and there are certain things like exercise that you can do from your end to ensure you regain the pre-pregnancy shape. Diet plays important role.With the right balance of fats, carbs and proteins, is also an important choice in this effort to get back to original size., Breastfeeding is the best thing,a natural activity that goes a long way to help a new mother burn some calories . drink plenty of water .
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