2 months old baby

Question: Hi i have 2 months old baby girl, day before yesterday i gave her pulse polio drops n yesterday she was crying all day long..my question is whether the drops can b the reason of her uneasiness ? And one more question is that is it safe and required to give pulse polio drops whenever it comes despite giving the required vaccination at private hospitals?

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Question: My baby has cold yesterday i will gave zincold drops to her night and early morning.iam forget today pulse polio drops should i will gave her in polio drops in cold on that iam already gave her a cold drops pls gave me answer
Answer: hi dear , yes you can give your baby pulse polio drops though your baby is suffering from cold.
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Question: We gave polio drops yesterday.. is it ok to have regular vaccination today or need any gap.
Answer: I know you do not need any get yes it is completely ok to give the normal vaccination today
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Question: What is the difference between giving vaccination in government hospitals and in private?
Answer: Hello! In government hospital if you give vaccination, it will not cost you Anything. But again only compulsory vaccines are given in government. You can give the compulsory in the government hospital and rest in private. Take care
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