3 months old baby

Question: Hi, i had normal delivery its been 2 n half month. Thy inserted copper t in government hospital. Now im getting stomatch pain n lower back pain. Is it because of copper t or normal?

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Answer: Dr will confirm in first time scan.
Answer: Dr vl confirm aftet first time scan
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Question: Hi, im 2 and half months pregnant. Im getting leg pain frequently. 1 and half year back i got operated for varicose veins. Is this because of that
Answer: Hi dear !it's common to have swollen or pain in lower limbs In pregnancy due to fluid overload Also the growing fetus and growing uterus puts pressure over the the lower limb blood vessels which causes legs to swell Need not worry 1)take salt restrict diet 2) sleep in left lateral position 3)keep pillow under leg 4)have more vegetables and fruits 5)do regular 30min exercises,yoga and breathing exercises 6)keep your bp in check 7)drink plenty of fluids 8)take your calcium supplements regularly.
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Question: Had Normal delivery 42days ago now having lower back pain..
Answer: Hi.. It happens dear, nothing to worry much about it. You can use hot water bottle to make yourself comfortable. Maintain proper posture, while feeding your baby. Avoid standing for long periods. Try doing gentle standing posture exercises. These methods work, but if you feel that you are not getting any relief, you consult your doctor.
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Question: hi, I had done wid copper t ystrdy..n since ystrdy nyt I have got bleeding..is it normal? how long will t continue? n how can I feel d thread of copper t?
Answer: This is one of side effects of copper t go to doctor
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