6 months old baby

Question: Hi i had normal delivery, its almost 6 months but still i have severe pain, if i sit down and wake up i have severe pain what should i do?

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Answer: Ask your gyn doc for this.. they may suggest some exercise related to this thing..
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Question: I had c-section delivery before 5 months ago and still have back pain and severe pain in my hips. What should I do to relieve these pains?
Answer: Go for regular walk n do slight exercises bt dont stretch more take paaya n mutton frequently if u r nonveg'n ...all this bcz of wkns better 2 drink warm water ...if u do hvy wrk back pain will torture due anesthesia effect ...All the best
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Question: I had a normal delivery. And its almost 2 mths now... But still when i pee or poop i still hfeel pain of stiches as if it has still not covered... What to do
Answer: Oh mine was the Same case. Please check if the stitches are completely gone or still some thread is there. In my case the stitches were not healed completely don't know y and became wound due to which it was re-stiched. I tell u it was very painful. Please take full precaution while going to toilet or when u sit or when when u breastfeed. Check for some more days if still u feel the pain please do visit Ur doctor ASAP.
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Question: When I wake up I'll have severe leg pain especially feet what should I do
Answer: dear leg pain is common during pregnancy it is because then our uterus and largest there will be strain to our muscles and nerves of the leg and back this is why we are getting leg pain . there are some home remedies don't stand for a long time , don't use heels used flat shoes , sleep on your sides , you can also try cold or hot massage .
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