4 months old baby

Question: Hi, i had c sec and its been close to 4 months now.i have very bad pains in my ankles , knees and palms. In 2nd month i didnt use footwear nor kept my self warm, is this pain because of not taking care about it..or its common post delivery. Please help.

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Question: after my c sec i am having pains in my knees. while i fold my leg and straighten them i feel. more pain please help. its been almost 15days i am suffering.
Answer:  During pregnancy woman gradually gains weight which is the additional burden on the body result joints pain during pregnancy and after delivery. Rest is essential part of treatment. She should take frequent rest and avoid lifting heavy objects. Apply hot water bottle it gives instant relief. Warm mustard oil with ajwain and garlic and do massage on joints and back also. After delivery massage is very necessary for 1months at least.
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Question: Hi i am 24 years old. My husband and i started from past 6 months. This is the month where i missed my period and its been 5 days. Before my period days which is 17 oct i check in pregnancy test kit where i got positive result. Yesterday also i checked, it showed positive. Yesterday because stress and with the fight with husband i cried alot and didnt take care of myself. Today morning when i tested it is showing negative meaning a line which is lightly visible but didnt get my period . Seriously i m scared please suggest
Answer: Hi dear dont get stressed . Plz visit doctor for the blood check up and get assure with the status. Just with the stress of one day there is negligible chance of havjng miscarriage dear. So it's better get confirmed from doctor.
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Question: am 17 weeks pregnant.for the past 2days I have noticed itching in my palms and feet and because of this I find it difficult to sleep in nights. in the mornings itching is not that severe. I have been taking duphaston 10 mg tablet from may 16th thrice a day after slight bleeding was noticed. now bleeding problems have gone. when I googled about this itching I came to know about obstetric cholestasis. do I have this? do I need to meet doctor ? kindly reply
Answer: Yes you should meet a doctor. Ur pregnant dnt self medicate urselg
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