7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i got the bleeding ...to stop that doctor gave me hcg5000 and maintain injection...is it affect the growth of baby

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Answer: hi this is given to a balance the hormonal imbalance in your body which will help in supporting the pregnancy please follow the doctors advise and most likely should not affect the growth of the baby but follow your doctor and take complete rest which will help in the proper growth of the baby
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Question: I got a bleeding in the 6th week but i got a bleeding..... doctor gave me injunction to stop bleeding...is it affect the growth of the child........wt decision i can take please.....suggest me
Answer: hi dear! if there is no problem in the scan then there is no problem dear. also if you have not done a scan then do a sonography to see if everything is going good with the baby dear. and with the injection you will have no bleeding. in pregnancy no spotting or bleeding can take place . so dont worry dear do a scan and see if the heartbeat is has come. take care.
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Question: I m 7 week pregnancy i had a small bleeding and brown discharge. The doctor showed me the weekly injection LUPI HCG5000 . My baby has any problem
Answer: Dear please do not worry. The good part is your doctor has already started with the medication. This is to support the early maintenance of the pregnancy so please do not worry everything will be fine. If you experience increases in the bleeding or brown discharge even after this injection then please see your gynae immediately. Hope it helps.
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Question: I got the little bleeding in the 6th week.....the doctor gave the treatment to stop bleeding....in the scan they told sac is their. . ......is this affect the growth of baby
Answer: Dear mild bleeding is completely normal during early pregnancy because it can be because of stretching of the uterus of fertile egg attaching itself. So dont worry your doctor has treated it on time and it will not cause any harm to growing baby..
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