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Question: Hi , i got c-section done 12days ago. When can i start wearing belt for my stomach?? And please let me know how will the stitches dissolve??

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Answer: Hi dear first of all congratulations on your pregnancy Now since it has been only 12 days I would suggest you to please to talk to your doctor before wearing any belt because unfortunately I have never prescribed any belt after c-section my doctor told that it doesn't work so I never had to use it but if you are keen on using it please to talk to your doctor because you are doctors a permission is important and the stitches will take some time maybe within a month time nothing will be there any longer but till the time you need to apply other appointments I am sure your doctor must have described on the incision on a daily basis twice a day so that it can Heal fast .. Hope this helps!
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    Bindusowjanya Mullapudi844 days ago

    Thank u yaar ....will sure follow

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Question: I had c- section a month ago....when can i start wearing belt
Answer: Hi dear now u should start as after 1 month it is advised to use as it not only support to reduce ur tummy size but also give ur back support and helps u keep ur body in good posture.
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Question: After how many days of c section can I start wearing belt??? Will it effect my stitches??
Answer: Hello dear you can start wearing belt 2 months after a C-section when your incision has properly healed up.
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Question: When can i start wearing maternity belt after c- section?
Answer: Hi dear. You can start wearing belt after 1 one of c section. My doctor made me wear that belt from very next day of c section. It will give suport to your stitches.
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